Hearts & Arrows Forever ONE – Colorless


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One of the most proportionally ideal cuts available today, our expertly crafted Hearts & Arrows moissanite gemstones are unique, just like the person wearing them. 58 facets are made with the utmost precision, resulting in eight beautiful symmetrical hearts and arrows that can be seen when closely examining the gemstone with a viewer.

Stone Shape       : Hearts & Arrows
Stone Color         : DEF
Size (mm)            : From 5.0 to 12.0
DEW Weight        : From 0.49 to 6.32

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5.0mm, 0.49 ct, 5.5mm,0.64 ct, 6.0mm, 0.80 ct, 6.5mm, 1.00 ct, 7.0mm, 1.20 ct, 7.5mm, 1.50 ct, 8.0mm, 1.90 ct, 8.5mm, 2.20 ct, 9.0mm, 2.70 ct, 9.5mm, 3.27 ct, 10.0mm, 3.66 ct, 10.5mm, 4.24 ct, 11.0mm, 4.88 ct, 11.5mm, 5.61 ct, 12.0mm, 6.32 ct

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