Nathalie at JCK Las Vegas

Nathalie Betito of Venazia™ Haute Couture first started working with moissanite back in 2001. While researching ways to upgrade her engagement ring, she discovered many positive reviews from women who owned moissanite. When she saw the stone in person, the deal was sealed. Nathalie decided not to stop with her own engagement ring – she began designing a line of high-end jewelry featuring large moissanite center stones.


We caught up with Nathalie at this year’s JCK Las Vegas trade show. Here’s what she took away from the event.

The talented Nathalie Betito of Venazia Jewelry at JCK Las Vegas, pictured with her fabulous Britta Ring!

The Vegas JCK show this year was, as usual, very interesting. I always enjoy meeting the numerous players in this eclectic industry.

Since my passion is fine design, I paid particular attention to the trends on display in the luxury pavilion. Unsurprisingly, a major trend remains the halo design, which is reflected in our new Venazia 2015 Magnifica Collection. This collection puts the accent on halo settings, with endless sophisticated micro details to make our rings truly unique. We decided, for example to insert the exclusive V of Venazia into the setting as our signature.

A gorgeous halo piece: the Elena Ring by Venazia