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In 2001, I heard about a new stone called Moissanite. I researched this gem that was created by Charles and Colvard and was awed by the facts; It is a colorless and flawless stone, it is the World Most Brilliant Gem, the color and brilliance will never change, and last but not least, a Charles and Colvard lifetime certificate comes with every jewel. I think these factors are important because when you decide to buy a Moissanite jewel, you want to feel safe wearing it everyday without worrying about whether or not it will get damaged one day.


After reading so many great things, I could not wait another second to see this stone “coming from a star” with my own eyes. With no surprise, as soon as I saw my first Moissanite stone, I fell in love with the Beauty and the brilliance of this gem. I, then, created my own Moissanite engagement ring and loved this experience so much that I was determined to create a full collection of sophisticated and elegant high end pieces.


I believed I was not the only woman who would love to feel glamorous wearing luxurious jewels for such an affordable price. Reacting to an ever-increasing demand for Moissanite jewels, hailed as the “Diamond of the Future” as well as demand for exclusive Haute Couture designs. Venazia was born… Charles and demand for exclusive Haute Couture designs. Venazia was born… Charles and Colvard, created Moissanite and Venazia, Haute Couture Jewelry: A fusion of Science and Style.